Phoenix Grup operates under the following quality certifications:

Civil and industrial constructions

The companies have been formed in 1994 and 2011, in order to raise standards by both the execution and the management consultancy services. The Swiss management system represents the guarantee of a professional execution and a wide range of works, to the highest level of complexity.

The experience of over 20 years has provided a broad portofolio in the construction work area, given the collaboration with the most renowned producers of construction materials, with whom we became partners covering the whole range of civil and residential constructions, relaying, at the same time, on an efficient and professional team of specialists.

Providing products and services in the energy field

One of the companies has been founded in 1960 and taken over by Phoenix Grup in 1992, when it became a company. It is perfectly integrated as an important part of the group, ensuring the provision of services and products in the energy field. Working with key energy suppliers nationwide, the company has secured an important place in its area of activity.

Manufacturing and marketing of building materials

The company, founded in 1994, is specialized both in industrial and civil construction, and also production and marketing of building materials, prefabricated materials and mechanical resistence elements.

The youngest company of the group was set up due to increasing demands and is helping clients by assuring high level expert advising for its customers, regarding the energy efficiency area.

From design right down to execution, our specialists ensure a reduced energy consumption by over 25%, so the initial investments pay off in a very short time and become eligible and effective.

The company, through its design department, has produced individual energy generators for the residential field, selling them successfully on the foreign markets, by taking part in international fairs.

Due of its experience, Phoenix Grup has expanded its activities by opening branches in countries such as Switzerland or United Arab Emirates, thus ensuring an international reputation.

Economic data
2015 - 19.514,830
2014 - 10.500,869
2013 - 7.632,548
2012 - 5.627,267