We are specialized in producing concrete and asphalt.

We own three Teka, Mobispa-2 concrete plants.

We are able to produce concrete all year long – 154 mc/hour. We produce all types of concrete listed in the classified list of normal volumetric mass concrete and heavy concrete (class C2, 8/3,5 up to C32/40). It is important to mention that we are equipped with a class 2 testing laboratory for the concrete produced in our mixing stations and for others.

The mobile EASY BATCH plant is a medium size asphalt factory with a high mobility level.

The asphalt plant has the following technical features:

  • easy to carry, very compact – the whole station has a 85t/h capacity and can be installed in two semi-trailers whose size fits very narrow roads
  • the width of the two trailers does not exceed 3m
  • the two trailers include all the necessary components for asphalt producing, including bitumen and fuel tanks
  • the two trailers have preassembled components, including pipes and electric cables
  • they allow a quick and easy installation of the station in the location (cranes or foundation are not necessary)

The mineral aggregates sorting plants owned by Phoenix Grup have adequate facilities for ballast sorting and for storage of raw own ballast of four distinct varieties of aggregation, ie 0-4mm, 4-8 mm, 8-16mm, 16-32mm, sort washed aggregate and the remaining screen, respectively grained aggregates> 32 mm are redistributed from a separate warehouse crushing station, so the material crushed and crushed aggregate separately aprons are stored in special halls. Crushing plant consists of a Gyratory Crusher D 1250, a BARMAC 7100 Crusher, power strips, power bunker, granulator, vibrating screen frame and metal bands distribution.